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Poker Rules:

  • Pot Limit Texas Hold'em Rules

    If you are familiar with the rules for Limit Texas Hold'em, you will not need to learn too much more to understand the rules for Pot Limit Texas Hold'em.

    Pot-Limit uses blinds, just as Limit does, but after that Limit and Pot-Limit change dramatically.

    In Pot-Limit, any player is allowed to raise any amount within a certain range. This range is defined by the size of the pot at the time it is the player's turn to act. This assumes the player has enough chips to make the bets.

    The minimum allowable raise is either the size of the previous bet or the size of the previous raise, depending on whether the last action was a bet or a raise.

    The maximum allowable raise is the size of the pot. As you can see, if several players in a row decide to make pot-sized raises, the size of a pot can escalate rather dramatically. This is why we usually recommend that beginning players start off by playing limit poker before moving on to the more difficult and challenging pot-limit form of poker.

    Players may not bring additional chips to the table in the middle of a hand, but can always decide to bring more chips to the table in between hands.

    If a player bets more chips than you have in front of you, you are not forced out of the hand. You are allowed to call for whatever number of chips you have. If no one else is in the pot, the bettor simply takes back his excess chips, and the hand is played to conclusion without any additional betting. If there are other players remaining in the pot, it is possible that a side pot may be created. Side pots also happen frequently in limit poker, but because the bets are larger in Pot-Limit, the situation tends to occur a bit more frequently here.

    Not A Recommended Game For Beginners!

    As you can see from the size of the potential raises, in Pot-Limit all of your chips can be at risk on any one hand. While this creates the potential for huge wins, it also creates the potential for large losses. Novice players should start off with limit poker and only move into Pot-Limit after they gain a significant amount of experience. Pot-Limit tournaments are also an excellent place to gain experience in Pot-Limit without risking huge sums.